Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Night Stroll

new fun pics :) just a side note..Brett hates to have his picture taken so yes there are more pictures of Lilly but it is because he refuses pictures

first last night we found Lilly hanging out in the dryer?? ya never know with her. The picture of her on the stairs is when we were leaving for church this morning. I really love this dress on her. She is such a beautiful little gal and her personality is so fun!! :)

We walked Mark Youngdahl was so pretty and its so close to the house which is fantastic. We saw a deer and lots of "fishys", turtles, and tadpoles. Brett and Lilly picked me flowers for the table and Jeff caught Brett lightning bugs for his jar. For now these work as pets. I'm not sure what I am going to do when he realizes they are not as fun as say a So I got my nature goal started a whole day early. I am really hoping to continue it. Brett had a blast and Lilly did really well up until the very end. Actually Lilly was fairly funny...she kept trying to tell us she saw dinosaurs. :)

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