Thursday, June 17, 2010

Conservation Department Field Trip

We went to the conservation department Wednesday with Mom's group. It is always my favorite field trip. The conservation agent shows them some animals and talks to them about animals in the area and then they get to go out to the pond and scoop out creepy crawly things to inspect. This is Brett telling Lilly all about the giant spider hiding under the log. Once we got outside Lilly pretty much just ran around and played or sat in the stroller. She was not very interested in the nets and it was kind of hot so the stroller provided some good shade.
Brett and his friends touching the snake
The conservation agent was helping Brett search through the much to find living creatures
Brett loved this!
Holding the baby fish he found.
Showing off the baby fish and tadpole

I have been doing really well with getting the kids outside. We have been to parks and on walks almost everyday this week. We went roller skating today but we walked tonight with Daddy and got to see another deer and feed the fish again. The deer actually let us get really close to him so the kids loved that. We caught some more lightning bugs and the kids were grossed out that I let them crawl up my arm. Lilly kept clasping her hands and saying she caught one and then would open them shrug her shoulders and say "where it go?". I need to post some pictures of the park we went to Monday but getting pictures off my phone is not an easy task. We went to Duncan Park in Savannah which is such a fun park but we also went with all our friends so we got some great pictures. :) Tomorrow we are off to Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, Kansas to feed some baby goats and take in the farm. Should be a fun day!!

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