Sunday, June 27, 2010

Squaw Creek, Fathers Day, and Safety Town

This was seriously such a fun field trip! Brett didn't feel all to well so he missed a lot of the hiking but it was still fun. Our wonderful friend Amanda is the naturalist at the Wildlife Reservation and she did such a great job with the little ones. They got to see all kinds of animals and even have a staring contest with a snake. :)

beautiful trail

Lilly exploring the trail
looking for bugs
I love this picture. Abagail, Genna, Anna, Anlsey, Lilly and Lexi...such a great group of girls. They were looking at what they thought may be eggs but ended up being fungi that had just started growing.

Brett, Jude, and Isiah looking at the insects
Amanda telling the kids all about crayfish and how they can carry water with them so they can breathe.
f Crayfish in defense mode :)
Lexi could of won this staring contest (if the snake had eyelids) :)
learning about butterflys

I just realized I started this blog after Safety town and kind of skipped over Fathers Day. I was no where near a computer Father's Day so there is that but I still wanted to show some of what they entailed. Safety Town was so fun for Brett. He really loved it! He learned about bike, water, stranger safety and a million other things like poisons and how to call 911. It was great fun for him and it's something his grandma puts together for work so he got to see her hard work first hand. He is ready to go back next summer! Father's Day was great. We got to spend time with Jeff and both of our fathers. Jeff Brett and his dad went fishing which was great. I think Jeff really enjoyed himself and we all got new shirts to support his new job. Lilly kept stealing his shirts.

Brett at Safety Town
yBrett and Grandma Janice..her work is who puts safety town together
showing us what he learned
getting his safety diploma

just cute pictures from crazy hair night at VBS last week

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