Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 in 2010

348: plastic picture frame
349: cork board
350: my first Christmas ornament
351: disposable camera
352: alarm clock
353: baby lights and sounds ball
354-360: random baby items
361: lamp
362: lamp shade
363-365: water guns
366: candle holder
367: candle ring
368: fake flowers
369: flower vase
370: Americana bucket
371: airplane toy
372: matchbox playset
373: sunglasses ( broken by Lilly... Arg)
374: toy skateboard
375-379: McDonalds toys
380-383: kids clothes
384: target re usable bag
385-392: more kids clothes
393: pj pants
394: scrapbook
395: bathing suit
396-397: clothes
398-405: kids clothes
406: stuffed baby toy
407: baby doll
408-425: random toys
426-428: cloth napkins
429: mcdonalds toys
430: shoes
431: workbench toy nail
432-433: clothes
434: fairy wings
435-458: costumes and accesories
459: safari hat
460: lucky ducks game
461: boo doll frommonsters Inc
462: stuffed turtle
463: play binoculars
464-465: v smiles
466-468: v smile controllers
469: baby Einstein DVD
470-482: kids books
483-486: Thomas DVDs
487-500: Thomas and bob the builder books
501: Thomas shirt
502: stuffed animal
503: water squirter

Woot woot I hit 500!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have 2 followers :) :)

Well we are finally biting the bullet and putting our house on the market. The Realtor is coming Monday to tell us what she thinks needs to change to get it to sell. There are some things we know and some projects that we just will not get finished before Monday but we are getting there. For those of you who live here we are hoping to sell and rent in either Myrna Manor or The Zoo. Pretty much we have always planned on sending the kids to Bessie Ellison and we do not want to worry about them revoking transfers so we are just going to make sure we are in the district. It's pretty much the area of town we will look at in a year or two to buy a house in anyway.

My brain has been slightly obsessed with putting Lilly in dance/tumbling lately. I absolutely loved it as a child and she dances around the house all the time. I am having a really hard time trying to decide where I want to put her. I do know she is starting at Studio Psalms because no one else is taking new students right now since its pretty much recital time. That's fine though...the price is right and it will give her a little introduction before she goes somewhere that will have a recital. I have been trying to find something for Brett also but I am running into a similar problem. I am going to have to wait until summer class schedule's come out. There is supposed to be a dinosaur program at the college and we are looking into that or some kind of art. He is my budding artist!

Jeff is switching jobs next school year. We haven't really said to much about this because I do not think his students know but none of them are on here so I think this is ok. He will be leaving Benton and going to Central. I am really excited for him to have some of his friends there. I think it will be good for him to have some "man time". Speaking of switching schools...we are switching Brett's preschool for next year. We love UCP but need a preschool time that is in the morning so that he will learn to wake up. He will be going to St. Paul Lutheran next school year. It will work out great because Lilly will be able to do Acorn School there on Wednesdays and I will not have to drive all over town.

Anyway...that's all the fun going on in our lives :)

I have been trying really hard to write down all the stuff I add to the trash or garage sale box....I know some of it seems like "wow, really she wrote that down" but I decided I need to take what I can get and I'm not writing down ever piece of paper i throw away so this works :)

2010 things in 2010 :) This is a long list since I haven't been on here in awhile....

162-163: Kids books
164: Bunny Ears
165: random plastic place mat
166-167: random bowls
168-171: salt and pepper shakers
172-180- random crazy kid straws
181: candle
182: candle snuffer
183-186: napkin rings
187: roll of ribbon
188-192: more random clothes
193-194: shoes
195-225: toys!!!!
226-228: big transformer tattoos (oh the random things we own)
229-231: puzzles
232: sun-catcher craft kit
233-257: craft paint brushes (brand new)
258: dog tic tac toe game
259: pencil holder
260: door hanger craft
261-262: train crafts
263: lightning mcqueen magnet set
264: random glass jar
265: shower curtain
266: old navy reusable bag
267: kids book
268: returned Kellie's portable tv (still getting something out of my house) :)
269-279: scrapbook page refills
280: Frisbee
281-283: build a bear outfits
284: black mary jane dress shoes
285-301: baby headbands/bows
this next part of the list pretty much got sent to the trash but it all counts :)
302-305: puzzles (missing some pieces)
306-307: markers
308-315: used craft paints
316-327:used craft paint brushes
328-338: used craft dowel rods
339: busted plastic tub
340: bug catcher
341: play cop badge
342-343: old cell phone chargers
344-347: pens that i couldn't get to write

ALMOST TO #350!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not all that fun

Walgreens had a great deal of the day...20 free prints with no purchase and per person. Jeff and I both got 20 so now I have 40 new pictures to scrap. :) The not fun part is that I am sitting at walgreens scanning pictures for my 20 and it's boring. If I can make myself remember I am going to start trying to blog about some of my great coupon/sale deals. Kind of like if I would of thought about it earlier I could of linked up th coupon ( it is on the website in the phots under deal of the day if you want to do it online) also k mart is oubling coupons this week up to $2. Again not my most exciting blog but keep in mind it came from me sitting infront of a kiosk scanning pictures :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 THINGS IN 2010

here is what I have got rid of this week :)

#120. laugh and learn puppy dog. Brett and Lilly both loved this but it got wet and hasn't worked right in awhile
#121-123- hat dress and tights (outfit of Lilly's that doesn't fit her anymore..sent it with a prego friend) :)
#124-133- more outgrown clothes
#134-139- random diaper covers and tights that aren't in good enough shape to pass on
#140-coffee maker
#141-random breast pump pieces...dont ask?? I have no clue where they came
#142-145- once again more am dragging things out that I haven't seen in years
#146-161- Baby Einstein DVDs...these are going to a prego friend as well :)

Oh so close to #200 :)

Happy Easter

Blessed be the name of the Lord

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Just trying the ap on my phone. Since I changed the name of my blog I had to delete the ap and re set it up. So I guess if this posts then I actually figured it out. :)

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150th Anniversary of the Pony Express

This weekend marks the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express and since we live in one of the towns that it started in it's a nice big ol celebration. We went to the museum and a re-enactment of a train robbery. The kids absolutely loved it! The museum had a play room for the kids full of toys from the 1860's and clothes they could try on. It was fantastic. The re-enactment was great as well...especially if you have a son who loves trains like we do. :) We missed the stick horse races because of the rain but it was still a great day. There were horses and oxen, a tee pee and other booths of stuff. A nice little Friday morning history lesson. :)
Jeff and I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning out the basement. Got rid of some stuff (I will post totals to my 2010 list tomorrow..I am to tired to try to find the paper I wrote it down on.) and got it all organized. We are really trying to get the house in selling condition. Since the kids were so good while we cleaned we let them use the gift cards they got in the mail from Aunt Clover and go to McDonald's for dinner. I personally think McDonald's is gross but the kids love it and love the playland so it was a nice treat for them. We went to Border's afterward which they love so it was really just a nice fun family day. They love to look through all the books and be able to have whatever they want read to them.
I filled Easter eggs once the kids went to sleep. We have about 100 eggs for 6 kids. Completely unnecessary but oh well. The kids will enjoy it. Janice and I are taking the kids to the Agency Easter egg hunt tomorrow...hopefully it will give Lilly a glimpse into what she is supposed to do on Sunday as far as picking up the eggs goes.
I wish Brett understood a little more of the meaning behind Easter. The whole rising from the dead sounds more zombie like to him than anything and I think it confuses him a little. We are working on it though.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting rid of
2010 things in 2010
#108-119.- clothes from Brett's closet

Did the switching from winter to summer in Brett's closet. Boxed up the stuff for ebay for closer to next winter and found some things to give away to a friend for her son to play in this summer. Need to go do Lilly's but I am not very motivated. Maybe I will be back tonight to add more.

Lilly is a pro at pooping on the potty

Lilly is right around 21 months and is a full on pro at going poop in the potty. She has a harder time with peeing but since she is pretty much doing this all on her own I am pretty pleased. The weather around here has been absolutely gorgeous. Shorts and tee shirts and the kids are ecstatic. As I am typing Brett is out front helping Jeff in the yard and Lilly is watching yo gabba gabba dancing like a crazy gal while standing on the couch watching the birds eat from the feeder she filled yesterday.
In our moms group at church we started a new book. It's called "Sex Begins In The Kitchen" so far its really good. We are three chapters in. It's about intimacy in your marriage. I am really hoping it goes well and lasts through the end of the school year. I really need to get on our summer schedule. Any good cheap field trip ideas??
Well so far I am not keeping up with this very well but I really am going to keep trying. Easter is in three days and Brett is totally excited. I got all the baskets filled today while Lilly napped and Brett played Wii. I love Easter, the fact that Jesus rose from the grave and saved us all for our sins and the whole family (Jeff's and mine) get together. Well almost all of Jeff's family. Jon isnt coming and we will miss him but he will come home in a month so the kids will get to see him then. Easter is my second favorite holiday. Christmas will always be my favorite :) After Easter I will figure out how to add pictures to this.

2010 things in 2010
80.- Toilet Lock
81.- onesie returned to Anna
82. fancy baby hanger
83.-104.- baby towels, diapers, bibs, and lanolin
105.-107.- tights, tee shirts

this is going slower than I like but in my defense its Easter week and I am doing more getting things ready than decluttered :) excuses excuses I still I broke 100 so im pretty happy with that.