Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 THINGS IN 2010

here is what I have got rid of this week :)

#120. laugh and learn puppy dog. Brett and Lilly both loved this but it got wet and hasn't worked right in awhile
#121-123- hat dress and tights (outfit of Lilly's that doesn't fit her anymore..sent it with a prego friend) :)
#124-133- more outgrown clothes
#134-139- random diaper covers and tights that aren't in good enough shape to pass on
#140-coffee maker
#141-random breast pump pieces...dont ask?? I have no clue where they came
#142-145- once again more am dragging things out that I haven't seen in years
#146-161- Baby Einstein DVDs...these are going to a prego friend as well :)

Oh so close to #200 :)

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