Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lilly is a pro at pooping on the potty

Lilly is right around 21 months and is a full on pro at going poop in the potty. She has a harder time with peeing but since she is pretty much doing this all on her own I am pretty pleased. The weather around here has been absolutely gorgeous. Shorts and tee shirts and the kids are ecstatic. As I am typing Brett is out front helping Jeff in the yard and Lilly is watching yo gabba gabba dancing like a crazy gal while standing on the couch watching the birds eat from the feeder she filled yesterday.
In our moms group at church we started a new book. It's called "Sex Begins In The Kitchen" so far its really good. We are three chapters in. It's about intimacy in your marriage. I am really hoping it goes well and lasts through the end of the school year. I really need to get on our summer schedule. Any good cheap field trip ideas??
Well so far I am not keeping up with this very well but I really am going to keep trying. Easter is in three days and Brett is totally excited. I got all the baskets filled today while Lilly napped and Brett played Wii. I love Easter, the fact that Jesus rose from the grave and saved us all for our sins and the whole family (Jeff's and mine) get together. Well almost all of Jeff's family. Jon isnt coming and we will miss him but he will come home in a month so the kids will get to see him then. Easter is my second favorite holiday. Christmas will always be my favorite :) After Easter I will figure out how to add pictures to this.

2010 things in 2010
80.- Toilet Lock
81.- onesie returned to Anna
82. fancy baby hanger
83.-104.- baby towels, diapers, bibs, and lanolin
105.-107.- tights, tee shirts

this is going slower than I like but in my defense its Easter week and I am doing more getting things ready than decluttered :) excuses excuses I still I broke 100 so im pretty happy with that.

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