Friday, March 26, 2010

Another day....

Just another day....not sure why I decided to do this because well no one ever really will read it but well..posterity I guess.
This is pretty much going to be about my life. The little things that make up what I enjoy. I have nothing really to say right now so I am going to start with my little late New Years Resolution... I have heard a few different people talking about decluttering lately and since we are in some dire need of getting rid of things I decided to go with one of there crazy ideas. Getting rid of 2010 things in 2010. So you have an entire year to get rid of 2010 items from your house. Apparently you are supposed to take an hour a day and work in a room of your house. Clean, go through things, throw away things that kind of thing. There is no way I will ever be able to keep up with that everyday but I decided to go ahead and start trying. Pretty much what isn't trash will go into the garage sale pile (half way through Dave Ramsey...just need to finish the final hurdle) So it has bored with me...I do not care but here is what I have came up with so far....

2010 things in 2010
1. Play Kitchen #1
2. Little Tikes Play Kitchen
3.-51. TOYS!!!! yes thats right 48 horrid little McDonald type toys that I found everywhere
52.-79. Odds and end clothes...Jeff cleaned out his old work shirts, things the kids had outgrown and some of my stuff that I will never be able to lose enough weight to fit into again. :) :( blah

So I hit #79. Nothing exciting but getting it out of here will be great. Most of the toys are going to the planet aide box outside Mark Twain the clothes I will keep until the garage sale and whatever doesn't go will go to the Goodwill. Nothing is coming back in this house this year. I am insanely sick of walking on and over things.

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