Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Well we are finally biting the bullet and putting our house on the market. The Realtor is coming Monday to tell us what she thinks needs to change to get it to sell. There are some things we know and some projects that we just will not get finished before Monday but we are getting there. For those of you who live here we are hoping to sell and rent in either Myrna Manor or The Zoo. Pretty much we have always planned on sending the kids to Bessie Ellison and we do not want to worry about them revoking transfers so we are just going to make sure we are in the district. It's pretty much the area of town we will look at in a year or two to buy a house in anyway.

My brain has been slightly obsessed with putting Lilly in dance/tumbling lately. I absolutely loved it as a child and she dances around the house all the time. I am having a really hard time trying to decide where I want to put her. I do know she is starting at Studio Psalms because no one else is taking new students right now since its pretty much recital time. That's fine though...the price is right and it will give her a little introduction before she goes somewhere that will have a recital. I have been trying to find something for Brett also but I am running into a similar problem. I am going to have to wait until summer class schedule's come out. There is supposed to be a dinosaur program at the college and we are looking into that or some kind of art. He is my budding artist!

Jeff is switching jobs next school year. We haven't really said to much about this because I do not think his students know but none of them are on here so I think this is ok. He will be leaving Benton and going to Central. I am really excited for him to have some of his friends there. I think it will be good for him to have some "man time". Speaking of switching schools...we are switching Brett's preschool for next year. We love UCP but need a preschool time that is in the morning so that he will learn to wake up. He will be going to St. Paul Lutheran next school year. It will work out great because Lilly will be able to do Acorn School there on Wednesdays and I will not have to drive all over town.

Anyway...that's all the fun going on in our lives :)

I have been trying really hard to write down all the stuff I add to the trash or garage sale box....I know some of it seems like "wow, really she wrote that down" but I decided I need to take what I can get and I'm not writing down ever piece of paper i throw away so this works :)

2010 things in 2010 :) This is a long list since I haven't been on here in awhile....

162-163: Kids books
164: Bunny Ears
165: random plastic place mat
166-167: random bowls
168-171: salt and pepper shakers
172-180- random crazy kid straws
181: candle
182: candle snuffer
183-186: napkin rings
187: roll of ribbon
188-192: more random clothes
193-194: shoes
195-225: toys!!!!
226-228: big transformer tattoos (oh the random things we own)
229-231: puzzles
232: sun-catcher craft kit
233-257: craft paint brushes (brand new)
258: dog tic tac toe game
259: pencil holder
260: door hanger craft
261-262: train crafts
263: lightning mcqueen magnet set
264: random glass jar
265: shower curtain
266: old navy reusable bag
267: kids book
268: returned Kellie's portable tv (still getting something out of my house) :)
269-279: scrapbook page refills
280: Frisbee
281-283: build a bear outfits
284: black mary jane dress shoes
285-301: baby headbands/bows
this next part of the list pretty much got sent to the trash but it all counts :)
302-305: puzzles (missing some pieces)
306-307: markers
308-315: used craft paints
316-327:used craft paint brushes
328-338: used craft dowel rods
339: busted plastic tub
340: bug catcher
341: play cop badge
342-343: old cell phone chargers
344-347: pens that i couldn't get to write

ALMOST TO #350!!


  1. lots of changes!! how exciting!

    we LOVE bessie ellison! we are renting a duplex in the district now and hoping to buy a house in the zoo or stonecrest soon! don't know how soon you are wanting to move, but there is a duplex right down from us for rent :)

    i am looking forward to elliot being old enough to take dance. i am obsessed with her going to the dance art center for some reason. they just seem very classy. i do NOT like a lot of the costumes the girls from darcees wear!

    that is cool that jeff will be at central...that is where my brother teaches!

    oh, and i LOVE that you are getting rid of 2010 things! i should really do that, too :)

  2. ok im sorry i am just getting this comment. would you mind telling me a little about your duplex or where it is? we are planning on renting for a bit after ours sells or if it sells..