Tuesday, February 1, 2011

been a long time

Sometimes I am not for sure why I even try to blog. It never fails I start out strong and then give up. Life gets busy and it is the first thing to go.
I am happy to report that even though I didnt get to list every single thing on here I did complete my getting rid of 2010 things in 2010. The sad thing about this accomplishment is that my house still feels like it is completely packed full of crap. I will be the first one to admit that we have more toys than any one house should but I will also follow that up with... its kind of hard to run an in home daycare without the ammount of toys. I like letting my kids have there own stuff they do not have to share. I feel like its not totally fair for them to not have anything that is actually just for them. There in lies the toy problem. They each have the toys that are for them and then there is a room of toys for the daycare children. Anyway long story short this is a phase of life and it will pass so there is no reason to fret over the toys. As for the rest of the house it really isnt that bad. I need to do a full overhaul on the clothes but other than that I really got rid of a lot with my 2010 things.
So my dive back into blogging is completely related to the weather. I am stranded at home and I can not leave. Actually I am stranded at my dad's and can not leave. The snow is ridiculous and we are here because he has a generator and I was not in the mood to end up with no power tonight. Jeff is in Cameron at a friends and so the kids are here enjoying Papa and Christian. My little brother (James) cooked dinner and I have had control of the tv with no whining from anyone. Its been nice....but...incredably boring. Don't get me wrong I love my family I just hate not being able to leave anywhere.
So my new goal for the year is crazy cliche. I need to lose some weight. I do not really have high hopes of walking around in a 2 piece bathing suit anytime soon but I do need to lose some weight. I have been doing Zumba and we bought an elliptical so I am atleast trying this time but it's still not fun. I stopped drinking pop for the most part and have really been trying to eat better. Jeff has been really good about watching the kids while I go workout which I am sure is not all that fun for him to do after work all the time. Jeff is loving being at Central this year and I am loving him getting home at a normal time. He is coaching quiz bowl again this year and really enjoys it.
The kids have been doing great. Brett is trying as hard as he can to get himself ok with the idea of going to school and Lilly is totally secure in the fact that she was born to be a tiny tornado. She is our child who likes to write on everything and spill and eat eveything she can. She is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is currently taking dance which she really likes and she loves to walk around and "shake her booty". Brett is currently taking an art class on oragami which I wasen't to sure about but has turned out to be great. He is loving preschool and has made some great friends this year. He really wants to take drum lessons but I have to find someone to give them and then decide if I want to deal with a drum. He is actually excited for soccer season to start back up which is amazing considering he hated it last year and is dead set he will play for a blue t ball team this summer so he can look like he plays for the Royals.
Ok so I am sitting here bored and this has turned into a book on our last year. I am actually more bored from reading how boring my life is...lol. Maybe I will think of something more exciting to write about next time.

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